Let's Hunt is a free to play browser-based hunting simulation with beautiful 3D graphics, diverse locations, and loads of different animals to hunt. Experience the thrill of hunting game from all over the world from your favorite chair. Get the best equipment and gear so you can have the best chance at success. Pursue a wide variety of animals, from small critters like foxes and ducks to bigger, more demanding game. Take in the beautiful surroundings while you pursue your quarry! Heed the call of the wild and get into the hunt - without actually hunting!

Let's Hunt Key Features

Experience The Thrill Of The Hunt - Explore the world of wild game, choose the right weapon from the wide range of hunting gear, and kill amazing specimens that will fill your heart with pride and enrapture your friends!

Fierce Competition - Hunt down an animal of record size and weight and climb the Leaderboard to show off your skills! Put on your hunting cap, face other players in world championships and become the king of hunters!

Immersive Gameplay Experience - Travel without leaving your home and visit a large number of wild locations thanks to beautiful 3D graphics. Go on a wild chase in the woods and valleys all around the world!