Liberators is a free to play, simultaneous turn-based strategy game set in WWII featuring real-time MMO battles, historically accurate units, and complex resource management. Using historical references, countless hours of work have gone into portraying actual war generals, along with the weaponry they used, while still giving players the freedom to wage war the way they wish. Soft-launched in early 2016, it currently serves as Mutantbox indie game developer’s flagship game. It is playable directly from Facebook and is currently available in English, with upcoming versions in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Polish.

The game begins with the storming of Omaha beach during the Invasion of Normandy in 1944, following a fictional Allied army progressing from the D-Day landings until the fall of Berlin. From there, the player goes on to liberate Nazi-occupied cities in France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, and Poland. At later levels, the player can also follow the North African Campaign and liberate Italy, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

Liberators Key Features

Become The General - Liberators promises a unique approach to gameplay by focusing on the commander, unit formations, and the use of captured territory. Players are given a huge amount of freedom and choice with regards to creating their army and leading their forces to sweep the Nazis from Europe. Choose from dozens of commanders, each with different tactical strengths and weaknesses.

Strategy Meets MMORPG - Each player is primarily responsible for recruiting and upgrading Commanders, all of whom are based on real-life characters from WWII. Commanders’ skills are improved through additional experience, items, and medals. Each player owns a base in which they can train for battle, produce resources and trade these with other players.

Historical Experience - Liberators traces the progress of the war from the invasion of Normandy to the fall of Berlin, across the sands of North Africa, and through the mountains of Italy. Throughout the journey, players will meet with many famous figures, use fearsome and terrible weapons, and engage in the desperate, bloody mechanized battles that characterized the Western theatre.

True Multiplayer - Total victory is simply impossible to achieve alone; players in Liberators can form alliances with other players and capture cities together, pooling resources and sharing loot. Players may also fight over control of contested territory, and test their mettle against one another on the battlefield.