Lifeless is a multiplayer FPS zombie action survival game with intelligent zombies, a vibrant world, and loads of character advancement options. In Lifeless, you have to do whatever is necessary to survive in a vast and dangerous world, filled with challenging and intelligent zombies. Working with other players is a smart choice, though attacking other players has its place as well. Make traps, fortify buildings and set traps.

In Lifeless, you have to take into account numerous factors if you want to survive. You’ll want to constantly monitor your hunger levels, thirst levels, and your body temperature. Eat and drink to stay healthy, and wear the right type of clothing to stay comfortable. You’ll also want to monitor your entire body, as each of your limbs can take damage, and this can affect how well your character is able to function. In Lifeless there will be 3 factions that you will find in the world. 2 will live in safe zones/settlements and will be either civilian and military types and the third will be a free-roaming bandit group. With each faction, you will have a reputation bar which will determine how the faction reacts to you. The NPCs in each faction will have quests for you depending on the your status with that particular faction.

Lifeless Ket Features

Fortify Buildings - Build barricades to keep the undead out

Complex And Gripping Quests - Suspense and action blend perfectly when you step outside

Helpful NPCs - NPCs help protect safe zones!

Interfactional War - Help settlements/factions who are at war with each other

Boobytraps - Build and set traps to even the odds

Smart And Dynamic Enemies - Fight against intelligent and randomized zombies

Endless Advancement - Build your character with unlimited levels

Customize Your Gear - Customize your weapons and gear for the most effectiveness!