Light of Darkness is a free to play 3d browser MMORPG set in a fantastic time-travelling realm, with inspiration and characters drawn from across the history of the world. Explore the amazing City of Time, and meet heroes from every place and era, from Robin Hood and Li Shimin, to King Arthur, Salahuddin, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, and many more! Players on Light of Darkness explore, gain in power and experience, and prepare for their ultimate confrontation with the Demon Shadow. Light of Darkness is an epic adventure across time, where you must not only defeat the ultimate evil, but you must also manage to find a way back home!

Light of Darkness Game Features

Choose Your Class - Select one of three very different character classes; will you play as the savage Berserker, the cunning Assassin, or the powerful and mysterious Mage? Customize your character and seek out adventure!

Lots Of PvP Modes - A major component is the ability to engage in PvP; enter the Arena and fight 1 vs. 1 for ranking, or fight 1 vs. 1 or 3 vs. 3 battles for fun and glory. For the diehard PvPers, Light of Darkness offers the Boss Battle mode, where the top 10 ranked players can compete in epic PvP brawls three times a week!

All The Classic MMORPG Elements - From seeking out powerful weapons and valuable treasures, to training creatures, to selecting your character's skills, Light of Darkness offers all the options and variety you'd expect in a modern MMORPG. Immerse yourself in the world, and fight your way across time!