Lightbringers: Savior of Raia is an award winning cross-platform, drop-in/drop-out, real-time multiplayer co-op, hack 'n slash game by Frima Studio Inc. The game allows you to face hundreds of enemies on screen, battle alongside your friends and become Legends of the Light! The fate of Raia is in your hands! Explore its wretched lands and fend off the mysterious creep that has corrupted every living soul and turned them into reckless monsters. Only the Lightbringers can bring an end to this madness! Armed with deadly weapons and bearing the power of the Light, reclaim territories, find epic loot, equip light-infused orbs and get ready to smack some justice back into this relentless infection!

The once proud realm of Raia is in dire need of your help, Lighbringer. Choose your weapon, harness the power of the light and fight back darkness!

Lightbringers: Savors of Raia Key Features

  • Battle against hundreds of enemies on screen at the same time

  • Play with up to 3 friends in real-time multiplayer co-op

  • More than 280 orbs to collect, craft and equip

  • Create your own custom build, and choose your own path as a hero

  • Battle in more than 70 arenas

  • Crossplatform multiplayer between mobile devices and Facebook