Lil’ Conquest is a free to play browser-based business simulation and war-themed strategy game that enables players to build their village into an empire by establishing economic productivity. In addition to amassing economic might, players in Lil' Conquest can also build massive armies to conquer the world! Recruit the world’s bravest heroes and units from ancient and modern times. Can you perfectly manage your lands to maximize income? Can you lead more than 65 heroes and units into battle, and conquer the world? With a single shared server, you will never lack for opponents. Can you carve out a hunk of it for yourself, or even conquer the whole world?

Lil' Conquest Key Features

Single Server - Due to the single shared server, you need never wait long for a challenge. Lots of opponents - or potential allies - await. Will you overcome challenges through peace, or war?

Economic Simulation - The economy of an empire is as important, if not moreso, than its military. If you can control trade with allies and profit from that trade, you'll never need lift a sword! Is your nation working at peak productivity? Are your people and resources all being utilized? If not, why not?

Military Strategy - No matter how diplomatic your policies, sooner or later, you will have to fight. Even if you've no desire to claim the lands of others, they will certainly try to take yours! Be ready to defend your people and realm with a wide selection of heroes and units, and lead them into the fray!