Lime Odyssey is a free to play fantasy MMORPG set in a vast world of unexplored wilds and forgotten empires. Select a race, choose your class and assign your character a worldly profession to begin exploring the continent of Orta on your Lime Odyssey. Players are tasked with scouring the continent for pieces of LIME, a sacred substance prophesied to hold the secret behind restoring order to the troubled region. The journey will take adventurers across mountains, deserts, and will even test their swimming abilities as they delve into the mysteries of the deep.

Three Player Races
The vast continent of Orta is home to a diverse collection of races and tribes. Choose from a variety of customization options to design your ideal character ‐ create a bold young human, a diminutive Muris, or a battle‐hardened Turga. Each race begins their quest in a unique starting location.

Four Classes
Define your role in the mysterious world of Orta by choosing from one of four iconic classes. Join the ranks of the adventurous thieves, meet your foes head on as a warrior, become a healing cleric, or opt for power with a mage.

Diverse Professions
There's more to life than questing across the countryside and slaying nightmarish monsters. Contribute to coinpurse and community by picking up a profession and perfecting your trade. Outfit your friends as a Tailor, concoct delicious recipes as master Chef, or become the local Blacksmith and forge powerful tools and weapons.