Lineage is a long-running fantasy MMORPG from NCSoft which draws on the creatures and gameplay experience of old school Roguelikes. Lineage has been running continuously since its launch in 1998, and has attracted many millions of players over its long life. With its fun 2D overhead graphics and a focus on immersive gameplay, Lineage continues to appeal to fans of MMORPGs. Players can engage in the usual MMORPG activities, such as fighting monsters for experience and treasure, exploring unknown areas, and working towards goals, but they can also participate in castle-based warfare and clan to clan battles of epic proportions!

Lineage Key Features

Castle-Based Gameplay - Players can conquer castles through sieges, taking control of them from enemy players and clans; clans who hold a castle can set tax rates in neighboring cities and collect taxes on items purchased in stores within those cities.

Seven Classes - Players can choose from Elf, Dark Elf, Prince, Knight, Dragon Knight, Magician, or Illusionist, each offering distinct playstyles and abilities; for instance, only a Prince can lead a Clan!

Open World PvP - Players are free to attack one another at any time in Lineage; the only "Safe Zones" are areas such as cities. Players can also engage in Clan to Clan warfare and fight other Clans for control of castles!