Lineage II Classic is a fantasy MMORPG which delivers all of the hardcore grind, open world PvP, and intense gameplay of the original Lineage II. Come back to the days when a hardcore grind was the norm, when persistence and skill were the order of the day. Here, open world PvP and XP debt upon death required players to actually engage with the game. Here, rewards often outweigh the risks, but the risks are no less real. Take your pick from 31 classic classes and 5 different races, and set off on an old-school hardcore MMORPG adventure. If you're a fan of grind-based sandbox MMORPGs, give Lineage II Classic a try!

Lineage II Classic Key Features

Create Your Character - Take your pick from 31 different classes and 5 classic races and set off for adventure! The selection of classes reflects those in the original Lineage II, and offers loads of options.

No Handholding - Lineage II Classic is a sandbox-style MMORPG. You need to decide your own path; there is no start to finish quest chain or themepark stuff here. Grind out the levels, head straight out and look for PvP, wander and explore; it's all up to you.

Prepare To Fight - Open world PvP means you'd better keep your eyes open. Dungeons are uninstanced, so you might have to fight other player parties for loot. Clan warfare adds another layer of PvP fun for those who want even more!