Linkrealms is a free to play sandbox MMORPG that draws its inspiration and feel from classic online role-playing games. In Linkrealms, community is the center of the user experience, one's choices matter, and reputation is earned on the battlefield rather than the leaderboards. With its mix of old-school design choices, modern features and unique servers, Linkrealms caters to the needs of the modern hardcore MMORPG fan, as well as to the player looking for a more laidback, nostalgic online experience. Players in Linkrealms are free to do whatever they choose; to hunt and craft, to fight and conquer, to engage in PvP, PvE, or both; it is a true sandbox, open for all!

Linkrealms Game Features

Classless Character Creation - Pick a race and set off on your journey, unconstrained by the limits of traditional class-based games. You choose your skills, and you advance them by using them; over time, your Linkrealms character will evolve into something which is uniquely yours, perfectly tailored to your gameplay.

Land Ownership - Linkrealms is divided into hundreds of subrealms; claim yours and build a fortress, set up a farm, place vendors... whatever you wish! You can even place monster generators to help welcome visitors to your lands.

Smart Creatures - The world of Linkrealms is full of events and dungeons that are open for anyone to enter, to help fight the boss... or to try and steal the treasure! The most impressive creatures use advanced AI, giving them the sense to avoid danger and work in teams. Player pets use the same advanced AI, leading to exciting possibilities.

PvP and PvE - Some people prefer the challenge of true open world PvP, while others prefer a bit more peace and quiet in their gaming; there are servers which support PvP and PvE focused players, and many servers will have unique types of dungeons and explorable settings.

True Free To Play - A true Free to Play game, with no pay to win mechanics; yes, there is a cash shop where players can purchase items and help fund the game through said purchases, but none of them will allow a character to immediately become unstoppable. Linkrealms wants all players to feel at home!