LittleWarGame is a fun, light hearted free to play browser based multiplayer real time strategy (RTS) game. Browser based games deliver free to play gameplay right to your browser, with no downloads, signups, or plugins required; just click "Play" and you're off and running! With an active community, a built in map editor, and its ease of play and fun graphics, LittleWarGame delights RTS fans from the most grizzled veterans to the newest beginners. As a True RTS, all the features one might expect from an RTS are here; many different types of units, resource management, building structures, and more. Get ready for fun battles, anytime!

LittleWarGame Key Features

Fun, Simple Gameplay - Little wars has bright graphics, fun music, and an easy to understand interface, making it a game anyone can enjoy. Unit and resource management are simple, but LittleWarGame still offers a surprising amount of tactical depth - exactly as one would expect from an RTS!

Many Options - Do you want to focus on building fortifications, or on hiring more troops? Should you train soldiers, or riflemen... or dragons? How much money should you keep in your treasury, and how much should you spend on your forces? The range of strategic and tactical options in LittleWarGame is yours to explore!

Built In Map Editor - Players in LittleWarGame can create custom maps to explore and battle on! Create the terrain and go, and invite friends to explore your custom maps!