Livelock is a cooperative multiplatform top-down shooter developed by Tuque and published by Perfect World Entertainment for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Players in livelock must work together to break an endless war between rival factions of machines, following a catastrophic gamma ray burst that wipes humanity out. The world has now been taken over by Rogue Clusters, groups of machines who are locked in an endless war with one another. In order to prevent this, an advanced artificial intelligence is awakening backups of human consciousness known as Capital Intellects. These human consciousnesses have been inserted into huge machines, and it is these Capital Intellect controlled gigantic robots which players control during gameplay. Can you overcome the odds and prevent the world from enduring further destruction?

Livelock Key Features

Cooperative Shooter - Livelock focuses on fun more than killstreaks or smacktalk; as a cooperative shooting game, your team must work together to overcome obstacles and complete objectives.

Selectable Characters - Featuring three very different robots for players to take control of - Hex, Vanguard, and Catalyst - players can find a role, regardless of their playstyle.

Giant Robots Shooting Giant Robots - Use lasers, autocannons, missiles, and more to make scrap metal of the forces of the Rogue Clusters; in Livelock, there is no such thing as too much firepower!