Logres, also known as Logres: Japanese RPG, is a free to play mobile RPG set in an epic fantasy world of magic, knights and goddesses! Join millions of players worldwide and battle a dark mysterious force intent on destroying the Kingdom! Fight alongside friends against the malevolent threat, and free the Ancient Goddesses... if you have the strength and skill. Logres has been downloaded more than 8 million times in Japan, and now this delightful mobile JRPG has come to the west. Sign up now and enter a world of delightful characters, engaging stories, and fearsome dangers!

Logres Key Features

Cute Avatars - Enjoy a variety of cute avatars with this anime-style MMORPG! Customize your avatars to look like your favorite anime character to satisfy your inner Otaku!

Multiple Character Jobs - Over 15 different character jobs to choose from. Each job has unique abilities that is helpful in every clash.

Endless Customization - Become a powerful hero with style. Utilize the looks equipment feature to use items solely for its appearance. Wings, Bear suit, Tuxedo, Grass skirts, - you name it, Logres has it!

Strategic Gameplay - Challenging MMORPG content with powerful raid bosses. Strategize with infinite equipment combinations to create the perfect playstyle for you!

Co-Op And Auto-Party Play - Enjoy multiplayer gameplay. Defeat legendary bosses with the help of friends and allies. Need assistance with a challenging quest? The Auto Party System will pair you with formidable allies that will aid you in battle.

Engaging Chat System - Never get bored playing the game. Play and chat with millions of online players through 1-on-1 messaging, party chat, clan chat and world chat.

Easy Controls - Crush your enemies with a simple tap. Enjoy optimized touch controls for best mobile gameplay experience.