Lords and Knights is a free cross-platform simulation and strategy MMO in an amazing medieval world. Players take on the challenge of being the Lord of the Manor: building their castle into an imposing stronghold whilst conquering enemy fortifications. In addition to the iPhone and iPad versions which are already available in the App Store, the release of browser, Facebook and Android versions is planned in the coming months. MMOG fans will have the ability to access their account from any platform at any time and get the full gameplay experience.

Lords And Knights Key Features

Lead The People - Save citizens, fortify buildings and train warriors! Your kingdom's future rests in your hands.

Strive For Glory - Obtain resources, as full stores and hardworking citizens allow you to build a magnificent empire!

Seek Out Hidden Riches - Exciting and adventurous missions to provide order and wealth. How will you lead your people to prosperity?

Advance And Overcome - Explore new technologies to grow your empire faster or allow your army to gear up with more advanced machinery

Strength Of Arms - Recruit a powerful army for attacking as well as defending your own settlements.

Form Allegiances - Ally with other players to explore and conquer the medieval world together. Two kingdoms are stronger than one.