Lords Online is a 2D Browser-Based MMORTS that allows you to build powerful empires and train heroes to lead your armies into battle. Lords Online also offers intricately designed heroes, military bases and camps, as well as sharp, high-quality visuals and landscape imagery that brings the world of Real-Time Strategy to life like never before, without the need for a monthly fee or large download. Lords Online's combat system puts the player into the center of the action by allowing control over all units on the field. This, along with other decisions open to the player, enables various methods of victory and advancement.

Lords Online Key Features

Detailed Graphics And Interactive Maps - Detailed, expansive landscapes with maps that have natural barriers and topography

Three Races - Choose from the Human, Shaba, and Alec races. Each one offers unique stories and experiences.

Alliance System Form an alliance with other players and take on your enemies as a team. Working together and launching coordinated strikes can overcome the toughest defense.

Heroes and Military Units - Level up your heroes and utilize legions of different kinds of military troops. A well led and well constructed force can defeat any enemy.