Lost Saga is a beautifully animated 3D action MMO published by Nexon Europe with over 100 playable classes, and several fast-paced, unique and varied gaming modes. The enormous cast comprises of the most famous figures from across the ages, from King Arthur to futuristic mechanics, meshing together fantasy, sci-fi, and popular culture in a glorious party title to simultaneously battle it out online. Battles in Lost Saga come in all sizes and types. Prisoner Mode, Team Death Mode, Crusade Mode, Boss Raid Mode, and so many varieties will challenge players for every fight. An innovative character-swap system lets players switch out characters in the middle of a fight to change tactics and bash out massive combos. Bonus excitement is offered when winning players pick up their enemies' armor and weapons, and use them as their own. Combine a variety of gear to create your own ultimate Hero! Mix and match different Helms, Armor, and Trinkets to customize your Hero to have its own unique set of skills!

Lost Saga Key Features

Over 100 Fantastic Characters - No matter your tastes, there's a character to suit you.

Endless Game Modes - Choose whatever mode you enjoy, and do it.

Combo Based Attacks - Fun combo based action combat mimics old-school fighters.

Customize Your Hero - Choose your own style and go strut your stuff.