Love or Loved is a massively multiplayer shooting and fighting arena that mixes elements of Battle Royale and IO games. Fight and explore in a large Anime-inspired 3D arena world, full of intense action and lots of opportunities for insane thrills and kills. A Bullet For My Valentine is the first chapter in what will be an episodic and living game. As the various episodes come live, there will be special events and game modes, themed items, and much more, ensuring that gameplay in Love or Loved doesn't grow stale. Choose a character, grab some guns, and get out there and kill your friends!

Love or Loved Key Features

Lots Of Choices - A number of different Anime-inspired characters await, and you can fight with them across a variety of immersive and unusual maps. Choose a favorite, or play them all.

Episodic Updates - A Bullet For My Valentine is just the first chapter in the Love or Loved story. Further expansions and chapters will keep gameplay fresh and the story dynamic.

Shoot And Slash - Do you like swords? Do you like guns? Love or Loved delivers both shooting and melee action, so you can always get your violence on.

Single And Multi Player - You can play alone, against AI bots who will sharpen your skills and provide lots of fun, or you can step to the next level and face off against other players.

Built To Play - Dedicated servers in locations around the world ensure responsive gameplay. It's a free for all brawl for it all, and the last thing you need is lag!