is a unique free to play fantasy MMORPG with an emphasis on relationship building. Featuring a robust Horoscope system, your Zodiac influences how your journey progresses! Whether you're playing solo or with a partner, your journey will leave an everlasting impression.

Your Zodiac Sign influences your abilities and how your journey progresses. Use the Cupid Matchmaking Service to assist you in finding your “soul mate”, which also impacts the abilities and progression of your character. Choose from one of eight character classes and explore dungeons, craft weapons, obtain pets, discover lost artifacts, dance with friends, or tie the knot and get married! Whether you are playing solo or with a partner, the world of Lucent Heart provides an experience like no other on the market today.

Lucent Heart Key Features

Solo Or Multiplayer - Go on a grand adventure alone or with friends! Whichever you do, a vast world awaits. Explore lost dungeons, make marvelous items, or just hang out with your friends. What you do is up to you!

Deep Character Progression - Choose from one of eight classes, each with different strengths and abilities. Back your choice up with a robust Horoscope system, and further influences your development!

Find Your Soulmate - Use the Cupid Matchmaking Service to help you find your soul mate. This not only further impacts the progression of your character, but could lead to love, marriage... who knows?