LucidStar is a free to play sci-fi space combat/strategy MMO from Big Mage Studios with impressive hand-drawn visuals and strategic gameplay that can be played directly within your internet browser with no download required. Step into a world of space exploration and unexplored dangers in the employ of ViaCorp. You are a part of a colonization and exploration effort to probe the reaches of space, for new resources, for new discoveries. However, before long, contact with some of the settlements was lost. Videos showed unknown creatures attacking settlers. As of recent events, aliens have invaded every known map and casualties have risen to 5366. ViaCorp is in desperate need of volunteers. All volunteers are asked to register on the network before visiting the headquarters. Will you answer the call?

NOTE: As of May 2018, the official LucidStar site is down. The developer still lists the game on their site, but the link in their listing also has stopped working.

LucidStar Key Features

Your Own Starport - Your starport is your base. Here, players get quests, trade, outfit their crew and their ship, leave crew members as workers for additional income or search for allies in chat!

Construct Buildings And Machines - Each player starts with their own space station. Here you can gather resources, train your crew, and prepare for attacks.

Fly Through Space - Fly your ship through the depths of space. As you go, you may find yourself picking up artifacts, looting from the debris. You can also fight in battles and take on quests.

Real-Time PvP - Space battles are a major part of the game. Equip your ship with accelerators, cannons, ammo and a crew. Prepare for battle!