LuckCatchers is a free to play social-economic sandbox MMORPG based on the fantasy/steam-punk novels by renowned author A.Pehov. Importantly, the actions in the game take place 300 years before those described in the novels, so the future - at least as far as gamers are concerned - is far from set in stone. Come explore a huge, savage and realistic world without any rules, a world which lies open before you, with no limits. This is a World of steam, valor and magic, full of risky adventures and profitable calculations. This is a World of trade, economic wars and hard decisions. This is a World of a magnificent, endless and free sky. This World is what you make of it.

LuckCatchers Key Features

Huge, Open, True Sandbox World - Really huge world without loading zones. Over 30 NPC-ruled cities where you can trade, take or offer jobs, and repair your airships and airplanes. There is a true player-based world trade system to take part in, jobs to offer and accept, and regular game events to take part in!

Fly And Fight - Combat other players head to head, as a pirate, or even via the in-game market. New players are protected from PvP for 30 days; after that, you're on your own! However, a flexible reputation system exists which protects players and settlements inside safe city regions.

Be Who You Want To Be - Non-class based, non-linear skill-based character development system allows loads of freedom. Decide at any time whom you want to be: a trader, a pirate, a hunter, a farmer or a cargo carrier, or something else entirely!

Govern, Build, Expand - Construct settlements, from castles to villages. Discover, conquer or "diplomatically annex" new territory. Become a Governor and get rich by taxing other players for living and/or working on your land!

Create And Improve - Extract and process minerals (8 types of basic minerals) and use them to produce weapons, ammunition and flight equipment. You can even build your own ships and planes based on your own drawings.