Luvinia World is a new Free-to-Play 3D Fantasy MMORPG from popular publisher SOA Games. Players battle in a realm divided by two factions and a variety of nations, players must choose their side and pick from 15 different classes. Players can explore hundreds of maps, participate in new in-game events and enjoy unlimited fun in this anime-inspired MMORPG. Luvinia World is in continued development and is being updated weekly with patches that address ingame issues or add changes suggested by the community.

Luvinia World Game Features:

  • Classes and Sub-Classes At level 10, players can select from the Warrior, Rogue, and Magician class archetypes, further specializing at levels 40 and 80 into a huge variety of sub-classes, such as the Paladin, Berserker, Assassin, Bard, Wizard, Bishop, and much more.

  • Events and Dungeons Take part in regular events and challenging PvE and PvP dungeons.

  • Beauty Salon Customize your character's appearance with unique face and hair styles.

  • Constellation Roulette Participate in the Constellation Roulette for a chance to win premium items.

Recent Game Improvements:

  • Better balanced gameplay.

  • New level cap, Level 100, new playable content, new equipment to own.

  • Better infrastructure and server hosting for better connectivity.

  • Countless client patches to remove existing bugs and add new features.