Mabinogi Duel is a free to play strategy mobile TCG for iOS and Android, with a fantasy feel and a distinct meld of eastern and western fantasy art styles. Unlike most TCGs, however, Mabinogi Duel features a unique feature which prevents the randomness of card draws; instead, a player assembles a deck of 12 cards, and holds all 12 in their hand at the start of the game. Based on the world and denizens of the popular MMO Mabinogi, Mabinogi Duel tells the tale of a wizard who must battle their way back to the holy land by casting spells and summoning creatures to overcome their foes. With only 12 cards and no randomness of drawing, Mabinogi Duel emphasizes timing and tactics, and provides a fun, fast paced mobile card game with a surprising depth of strategy!

Mabinogi Duel Key Features

Huge Variety Of Cards And Options - Mabinogi Duel features more than 200 different cards and constantly adds more! With the relatively small deck size, this huge number of cards allows myriad designs and deck themes, and opens the door to near infinite tactical possibilities. With five types of resources to summon - Light, Dark, Gold, Mana, and Nature - each with a different theme and feel, you can tailor a deck to your tastes as well as your tactics. No resource cards are required or used; you gain resources automatically!

Unique Mechanics - The TCG genre gets a major shakeup from Mabinogi Duel; gone are the days of random draws and instant-win combinations. Players have access to their whole deck at any time, they may level up during the course of a match, thus strengthening their spells and getting extra actions per turn, and they may even replay cards that have gone to their graveyard just as though they were in their hand, only with a slightly higher resource cost. The strategic depth allowed by the game is staggering!

Immersive Single Player, Rewarding PvP - Play through a dynamic, enjoyable single-player story with lots of quests and fun characters to meet, or participate in ranked or unranked matches against players from all over the world, in levels from Newbie to Veteran! Even unranked play nets rewards for both winner and loser, so there's no reason not to play, and play often!