Mabinogi is a unique cel-shaded MMORPG, featuring a highly advanced and in-depth crafting system, and character rebirth. What is that you ask? Keep reading to find out what you can do in Mabinogi. There's a lot to do and learn in Mabinogi. But once you start playing, you will go from an inexperienced wanderer to expert adventurer in no time! You can live your whole life from the comfort of your own home. But if you're a little more adventurous, you can take up skills like combat, magic and cooking as you explore realms of Erinn, a land of wonder, danger and unlimited opportunity. Convinced? Head on over to the official website, register and start having fun with your friends!

Mabinogi Key Features

Sandbox Play - You are free to do whatever you wish. You can live your entire game life out around home, or you can seek out adventure. Alone or solo? Combat or crafting? Anything in between? Go for it!
Create Your Alter Ego - The character creation is extensive. You are allowed to create your own unique funny looking anime character! You'll be able to choose a race, name and appearance to concoct your own cute little avatar!

Sharpen Your Skills - While playing Mabinogi, you are able to select from a multitude of talents! From archery to martial arts, smithing to tailoring, and holy arts to battle alchemy and much, much more! How you progress, and what you learn, is all up to you.

Unique Rebirth System - The rebirth system allows you to reset your level, giving you the option to change any aspect of your appearance... even your gender! You do keep your skills and talents you gained in your previous life, but rebirthing allows you to grow stronger and become more skilled way faster!