Maelstrom is a unique MMO battle royale shooter featuring tactical ship vs ship vs monster combat, loads of treasure, and an array of combat options. Set sail in a grim fantasy world and fight off fearsome monsters, unleash thundering broadsides, and take part in boarding actions. Choose orcs, dwarves, or humans, and learn to take advantage of their strengths and weaknesses in combat.You can take part in free for all matches, or team up with your friends for fleet based fights. The goal is simple; to nab floating treasure chests and get the most treasure possible, and also to be the last ship sailing!

Maelstrom Key Features

Choose Your Nation - Set sail as the fast and skillfull Humans, the ferocious Orcs, or the sturdy armored Dwarves, and take the fight to your enemies!

Armor And Accuracy - A ship has 4 different armor locations, and you must chew through the armor to damage the hull within. Angle, the type of shot, range, and more all factor into combat.

Combat Options - Sink your enemies with cannon fire, ram them and send them beneath the waves, or board them, kill the crew, and burn their ship to the waterline!

Eyes On The Prize - Collect as much treasure as you can and be the last ship sailing. Watch out for sea monsters as the game goes on, however; you could end up monster chum!