Mage Faire Online is a pay to play fantasy sandbox MMORPG, set in a colorful, magic rich world where magic is used for creativity and merriment rather than combat. Players in Mage Faire Online conjure things out of thin air, bring inanimate objects to life, turn themselves into smoke, and magically build the world around them as they learn, grow, and interact with other players. With a focus on exploration and social interaction, Mage Faire Online delivers an active, magical world for players to explore, create, and populate. Hold demonstrations of magic, teach others how to weave mana in new ways, stage performances, or even literally use magic to shape the world around you!

Mage Faire Online Key Features

Creativity - Magic is used for creation and expression, not for combat; design your own outfit, or your own house, or your own world! You can shape everything in the world!

Freedom - Mage Faire Online is a true sandbox MMORPG; once you have learned a spell, you may use it at your leisure, and do with it as you will. Experiment, shape, create, share... it's all about the magic

Explore - From hidden passageways and long lost treasures to the deepest parts of one's own mind, the world of Mage Faire Online is yours to explore and discover.

Socialization - From demonstrations and performances to simply hanging out with friends and experimenting, the game emphasizes social interaction and fun. Players can even combine spells with other players!