Magic Duels brings the unpredictability and fun of the classic fantasy CCG Magic: The Gathering to life on your PC, XBox One, or iPad/iPhone! Manage your lands, summon creatures and cast spells, and use powerful artifacts to play through solo campaign cames or against players from around the world. Magic Duels offers an ever-growing library of collectible cards, multiple game modes, and robust deck-building tools, and provides a unique strategy experience for new players as well as veterans. With virtually unlimited free gameplay, content updates and expansions, and unlockable cards, all that's left for you to do is choose a path and construct a deck. Step into the role of the most powerful mages ever known, the Planeswalkers, and bend the energies of the multiverse to your will!

Magic Duels Game Features

Easy To Learn - With an immersive, beginner-friendly tutorial, even brand new players will be building decks and challenging opponents in Magic Duels in no time!

Multiple Game Modes - Play as one of Mystara's five most famous Planeswalkers in a solo campaign mode or challenge players from around the world in head to head matches. You can even play a two versus two matchup with the special Two-Headed Ogre mode!

A Growing World - With unlockable cards and regular expansions, the world of Magic is a dynamic place, with expansions adding new cards, new stories, and new challenges to overcome

Sharpen Your Skills - Master the complex strategy of Magic: The Gathering offline, by playing against AI opponents of all difficulty levels, and take advantage of the Deck Builder within Magic Duels to customize your deck.