Magic & Empire, formerly known as BloodRealm, is a free to play, browser based collectible card game (CCG) set in a fantasy world based on the mythology of ancient Egypt. Magic & Empire is an epic collectible card game! Conquer the world and kill the Gods. Craft items, collect cards, manage an empire and battle your friends. From the beginning of time, there has been a sacred pact. The Gods would respect the free will of mortals and leave them out of their eternal war, but Ra broke this pact. He imbued you with his blood forcing you to serve him as his Champion. For years, you led his armies into war, and slayed the Champions of rival Gods. But his hold on you began to slip...and through the force of your will, you shattered the chains that bound you. In that moment, Mt. Olympus fell to the Earth, and with it the gods. Now they'll stop at nothing to restore their Immortality.

Magic & Empire Key Features

Always Available - Play a complex CCG from your browser, anytime and anywhere. No need to go through a lengthy download or endless updates!

Deep CCG Strategy - Collect and customize your decks with specific themes and goals; will you build one favorite deck, or a bunch of them to face any occasion?

Social And Free - Compete with players from all over the world, for free! Make new friends, meet new folks, and play a deep, complex CCG with a rich story.