Magic: Legends is a free-to-play deckbuilding RPG from Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios featuring real-time battles, impressive customization options, and strategic card-based gameplay.

In Magic: Legends, players take the form of a Planeswalker, a powerful being that is able to jump between the planes of the classic Wizards of the Coast multiverse. With ancient forces shifting in the darkness, players are tasked with gathering the power to combat this lurking peril. To ensure victory, players must collect and equip tactical combinations of unique spells, equipment, relics, and artefacts.

These areas and planes are diverse and atmospheric, featuring the mysterious Meditation Realm, the volcanic island of Shiv, the zealous city-state of Benalia, the jungle continent of Tazeem, the tropical wizarding academy of Tolaria, and the beast-plagued province of Gavony. Players can explore the planes alone or with small groups or friends.

Key Features:

Unique Classes - Players can choose between the CQB-style, earth-based Geomancer; the long-ranged telekinetic abilities of the Mind Mage; the primal savagery of the Beastcaller; the searing smites of the noble Sanctifier; the deathly rituals of the Necromancer; the devastating combos of the Dimir Assassin; and the reckless flaming abandon of the Pyromancer.

Innovative Combat - Abilities include basic cards, class-specific abilities, and character-specific ultimates. While deckbuilders are traditionally turn-based, Magic: Legends combines ARPG and card-collection in real-time combat. As well as deciding which mana choice to use, building a smart spell library is vital as ability cards are drawn randomly during combat.

Intelligent Loot Design - There are hundreds of loot components to collect and a well-thought through customization system. Acquiring a new piece of equipment simultaneously unlocks its "costume" and in turn other cosmetic options such as new heads, body types, or hairstyles. So while equipping a tactical gear loadout will of course spell the difference between death and glory, a secondary incentive to find loot (even lower-level loot) exists alongside it.