Magic World Online is a unique 2D fantasy MMORPG with a visual style closely resembling that of Eudemons, with large-scale PvP and an in-game leveling system. It was the first MMORPG to integrate an ingame video-chat system and an official botting system, providing players with more time to enjoy the Magic World Online community and have their hands free from grinding. You get four classes to pick from: Warrior, Archer, Summoner and Mage with a wide range of specializations available in the form of sub-classes. Next to that the eternal search for great mounts is a great drive for players.

The game offers a mix of monsters and quests not uncommon to the genre, but stands out from the others with several features, such as their automated bot, which will finish some tasks, weapons that actually grow with use and the ability to change class. The offer for PVP is good as well, with moving castles that, once owned, allow players to set up guild battles. Besides belonging to a guild, you can also choose a spouse. Who doesn't want to get married in an MMO?