ManagerZone is a free to play football manager game for browser and mobile, which lets you try your hand at managing a professional football club. ManagerZone launched all the way back in 2001, and during its long run it has attracted fans and players from every corner of the world! You must make every decision for your club, and you must make them well; training, advertising, facilities, and more, they're all up to you. In addition to managing your own club, you must reach out and form connections to other club owners - other players - to be successful. Form leagues, host championships, arrange trades, and more. Can you handle the demands of football management?

ManagerZone Key Features

Take Charge - Every decision you make will impact your team; from branding and advertising, to training programs, to facilities and attractions in your home stadium.

Football Or Hockey - Whether you like the thrill of professional football or the intensity of pro hockey, ManagerZone is here. Pick your favorite sport and get to work building a sports dynasty.

Play Together - Reach out to other players and work together to form leagues and host tournaments. Vote for important positions within the league hierarchy. Study your rivals and lead your team to the goal!

Accessible For All - You can play ManagerZone in your desktop browser or on your mobile device. Our friendly community of managers will welcome you with open arms, so join up!