MapleStory Blitz is a free to play strategy trading card game for mobile devices, and it follows in the footsteps of classic fantasy MMORPG MapleStory. MapleStory Blitz returns players to the struggle against the dastardly Black Mage, where players must build powerful decks, plan winning strategies, and duel against daunting foes to achieve victory. Build powerful decks led by classic MapleStory heroes, like Phantom and Mercedes. Earn daily login rewards and plenty of chances at extra cards. Test your deckbuilding skills in both PvP and PvE modes. MapleStory Blitz delivers real time tactical trading card gameplay like you've never seen before!

MapleStory Blitz Key Features

Classic Heroes - A number of famous MapleStory characters await your commands. Mercedes the talented archer, the famous thief Phantom, Kyrin the charismatic pirate, the skilled and enigmatic Demon Slayer, and more offer their services. Pick your favorite and get into the battle.

Plan Your Strategy - Deckbuilding games offer loads of strategic and tactical choices, and MapleStory Blitz adds to the challenge with real-time gameplay. Focus on a single tactic, or try to mitigate all weaknesses; the choice is yours.

Loads To Do - Earn packs of cards and other daily rewards for logging in and completing events. Challenge other players from around the world to fast-paced PvP duels. Test your deck in PvE and learn the lore of the MapleStory world. Dominate the competition and win fame and fortune - or at least fun!