March of Empires is a MMORTS where players will wage wars and forge alliances with other players in an attempt to grow and expand their empires. Step into the shoes of a Highland King, Desert Sultan, or Northern Czar, and begin your journey to conquest. Build and fortify a mighty castle to rule from and protect yourself. Amass an army and lead them into wars for glory and wealth. Forge alliances whenever you can to strengthen your position and gain political advantage. Get ready for an epic MMORTS adventure of all out medieval war as you advance towards global conquest! If you're a fan of medieval MMORTS games, you do not want to miss March of Empires.

March Of Empires Key Features

Choose Your Ruler - Choose from Highland King, a Northern Tsar, or Desert Sultan. Each ruler provides different playstyles with access to unique types of units.

You Are In Control - All the functions of the kingdom are in your hands. Construct new buildings, forge alliances, fight off barbarians, dispatch your armies to wage wars, and much more.

Claim The Land - The more land you control, the more special skills you will unlock. Fight your way to the throne, but remember to build a good defense as well as a powerful offense.

Seize The Thrones - Capture the five thrones of power; the Seat of Domain, Seat of Heroes, Seat of War, Seat of Order and Seat of Accord. Each one gives powerful bonuses to the alliance who holds them!

MMO Strategy - You share the land with other players. Some of them will be willing to forge alliances. Some of them will not. Can you use diplomacy and military might to rise to the top?

Choose A Champion - Choose a powerful champion to help lead your armies and shape your kingdom. Find of craft powerful equipment to empower your champion, and turn them loose on your enemies.