March to Rome is a free to play browser RTS (real-time strategy game) which allows players to immerse themselves in the conflicts and upheaval of the Migration Period and reshape history! Players must balance economic, social, and military factors, build an army, and build, maintain, and manage their cities. During this period of tumult and turmoil, do you have the wisdom and courage to lead your people from humble beginnings to a world-spanning economic and military power?

March to Rome Key Features

Customize Your City – Construct and place your buildings wherever you like; will you design your city with an eye for the elegant, or with maximum efficiency in mind? What you build, however, you must be prepared to defend; can you do it?

Watch And Learn – Players can read reports from battles and watch the whole battle to learn from their mistakes, improve their strategy or enjoy their glorious victories!

Manage Your Assets – You must manage resources and manpower, balance maintenance and military expenditures against the value of researching new technology, and more!

Perform Rituals – A player can perform a ritual and boost their population growth or resource production for a period of time. Rituals can also improve an army’s speed or damage!

Conquer The World – Unless you’re a farmer, you may explore the map and launch sieges on other players’ cities! You can even capture cities held by enemy players and expand your empire.

Lay Of The Land – Every part of the map can be colonized, and different regions will vary in the resources and stats they provide. Will you spread your empire far and wide, or consolidate?

Battle Formations – The way you place and arrange your units is important; assault formation is perfect for attacking enemy strongholds, whereas sweep formation is more effective at fighting troops out in the open.