Marooners is an action-packed multiplayer party game which offers players a chaotic mix of short minigames in which players can satisfy their thirst for treasure… at the cost of their friends of course! Go head to head with your friends in a mix of whacky and unpredictable challenges, and remember... do unto them before they do unto you! Marooners keeps you on the edge of your seat as you overcome challenges requiring both skill and some luck while sadisticly laughing at the misfortune of your friends. Choose your favorite Marooner to run, jump and bash your way to glory in this crazy party game!

Marooners Key Features

Whacky Partygame Mix - A new kind of party game experience; Marooners constantly switches between multiple minigames when you least expect it! Be prepared for anything! Just try not to drown, get burned, squashed, blown up or worse... Treasure and victory await!

Local And Online Multiplayer - Playing local with friends is awesome, better yet: people from all over the world can join your party too! Any combination of 2-6 local and/or online players works! Play with your friends in local mode, or make new friends from all over the world!

Pick Your Favorite Marooner - Unlock cool and quirky new characters! Then select your perfect weapon that’ll make your opponents think twic about who they are messing with!