Master of Eternity, also known as M.O.E, is a free to play mobile strategic RPG that pairs personality-packed Pixies with fierce mecha suits! Pick your pixie, suit up in a mecha, and set off to explore, battle and raid the game’s immersive universe! Enjoy a storyline with an engaging narrative which explores the backstory of each and every Pixie in the game. Along the way, you will earn new upgrades and equipment for your suit, growing more powerful as your progress. With combat and controls that are simple to learn but very difficult to master, Master of Eternity offers engaging play for players of all skill levels and tastes.

Master Of Eternity Key Features

Engaging Storyline - Immersive turn-based SRPG battles that will make you want to play "just one more turn!" Bond with a ship full of Pixies through unforgettable adventures!

Advance And Enhance - Awaken Pixies by using a robust Genic Seed system to unlock their full potential. Test your skills with custom strategies and squads in fierce Alliance simulations!

Loads To Do - Jump into special side stories and daily missions for endless entertainment. Engage in fierce battle with formidable Temple Guardians. You can even test your pixies and yourself in fearsome PvP matches.