Master of Orion, the dynamic sci-fi spacefaring strategy game that took the genre by storm in the mid 1990s, returns! Many members of the original development team are back, working diligently to ensure that this, the next chapter in the Master of Orion story, is a resounding success, and that it will captivate a new generation of players. Explore a far flung galaxy and immerse yourself into the beautiful graphics, music, and gameplay as you explore new worlds and star systems and fight dangerous foes, meet new and mysterious alien species and unlock the secrets of the galaxy. Master of Orion puts you in command of forces which shape the destiny of worlds; do you have the strength and skill needed to accept such a responsibility?

Master of Orion Key Features

Diverse Races - All ten races from the original Master of Orion return, and each is brought to life through impressive AI and voice recording.

Research - Players can unlock over 75 technological advancements to give themselves an edge as they explore, colonize, and fight their way through the stars.

Vast Explorable Galaxies - With over 100 star systems to map and explore, there is always plenty to do! How far will you go?

Multiple Strategies - Players can win through military force, but you can also win through technological, diplomatic, and other means. Which path you choose is your choice to make!