Master X Master is an action MOBA with a unique tag system, which allows a player to switch between two characters in the middle of combat. Master X Master offers players a roster of over 30 characters; some of these characters are brand new, but others are drawn from across NCSoft's other titles such as Blade & Soul and Guild Wars 2. In addition, Master X Master puts players in complete control of their characters; instead of the point and click based mechanics common to many MOBAs, players can dodge, run, jump, and fully control their character's movements. Do you have what it takes to crush your competition and Master the arena?

Master X Master Key Features

Over 30 Masters - Take control of a wide range of characters and unlock their potential! From Guild Wars 2's Rytlock to Jinsoyun from Blade & Soul to brand new heroes created just for Master X Master, the roster is deep and varied, with Masters to suit every preference and playstyle

Unique Tag Team System - Players have a team of two Masters at their command, and they may swap them in and out of combat. Players can take advantage of this feature and mix and match their Masters to create unique tactical possibilities

Full Control: Players in Master x Master enjoy total control over their characters; every jump, every dodge, every move. This unprecedented level of fine control enhances the tactical depth of the game and allows a level of timing and precision impossible in most other MOBAs.