Mech Hero is a Strategy MMO game with RPG elements. You start as a commander of the forgotten base somewhere in a wasteland of a devastated planet. Your goal is to build stable economy, construct an army of gigantic robots, expand your territory, fight the enemies and finally escape from dying planet! Can you construct a force from nothing, lead them to victory, and eventually, get yourself and your troops off of this doomed world?

Mech Hero Key Features

Fully Customizable Units - Create the army you've always dreamed of. Tailor your machines and troops to perform the exact tasks you require of them.

Deep Strategy - Mech Hero allows a near-infinite number of strategies by controlling unit battlefield behavior. You can order your forces to do what you wish them to, when you wish them to do it. Will you focus on a proven tactic, or think on the fly?

Artifacts And Secret Missions - Lost mysteries and secret objectives await discovery. They just might give you the advantage you need to lead your forces to victory... and off this forsaken planet!

Amazing End-Game - Many strategy games and combat games fall flat when it comes to delivering an endgame. The Endgame in Mech Hero will challenge you.