Melting World Online is a science fiction strategy game where players build up their resources and strongholds and lead teams of battle mechs into tactical turn-based battles. Following the cataclysmic destruction of Earth, mankind stepped into the stars and founded a new homeworld on a faraway planet. The settlers overcame tremendous obstacles and founded new cities, built new factories and farms, and kept the light of civilization alive, but lasting prosperity was not to be. A new war, known as The Invasion, wracked the world and its people, and all the progress the settlers had made was undone virtually overnight. Isolated pockets of human resistance have emerged, fighting back against the hostile invaders. You are a member of the Resistance, and humanity's salvation rests in your hands!

Melting World Online

Produce And Overcome - Like any good strategy game, Melting World Online depends on collecting resources, crafting, research and development, and even interplayer trade.

Tactical Combat - Command dozens of types of mechs in turn-based tactical battles with a unique system of calculating damage. Use the environment to cover your maneuvers and outflank your enemy.

Train Your Pilots - Your roster of pilots is your greatest asset. As your pilots take part in battles or undergo training, they will develop their skills and perks.

Customize Your Units - Loads of customization options await, enabling you to change your mechs' weapons, armor, and even their appearance!

Duels, Arenas, Co-op Or Competitive - Fight alone or team with up to 4 players, working together to overcome your foes. Compete in duels and PvP arenas alone, and show your mettle!