Memories of Mars is a sandbox survival shooter where you must scrape out a living amidst the crumbling ruins of defunct mining operations on Mars. The dream of colonizing mars has proven impossible, due to solar flares which bombard the surface of the planet every few weeks. You play as a recently awoken clone who is now faced with the grim reality that due to those solar flares, your life will almost certainly be depressingly short. You must travel the deadly surface of the red planet, constructing or finding shelter strong enough to keep you alive, all while facing hunger, thirst, radiation bombardment, strange creatures, and other players. Can you overcome all the odds and scrape out a sustainable living on the red planet?

Memories Of Mars Key Features

Survive - From the barren environment devoid of food or water to the lethal solar flares that blast the planet every few weeks, the odds are against you. Can you find food, build shelter, and stay alive?

Learn - Explore the surface of Mars and learn what happened to the colonists before you. The world is vast, and you're free to explore it as you wish - if you dare.

Fight - If simply surviving the environment wasn't hard enough, you must be ready to fight for your life at any time. Strange creatures, other survivors, and many other dangers await, all as bent on survival as you are!