Meridian 59, often abbreviated to M59, is a free to play MMORPG that is widely credited as being the first 3D MMORPG on Earth, and it is certainly the longest running, with its original launch in September 1996. Meridian 59 offers players extremely free form character creation and development, nonstop PvP with a system of consequences in place for unmitigated player killing. Fight for one of three rival factions, explore the corners of this unusual land, and carve a name for yourself by your deeds. Meridian 59 was originally developed by Archetype Interactive, and then was taken over by Near Death Studios. Today, the game is open source, and continues to be developed and maintained by players and some of the original developers! Come see why Meridian 59 has lasted for over 20 years!

Meridian 59 Game Features

Freeform Character Advancement - There are no classes or levels; instead, your attributes and skills increase as you use them, and only your character's intelligence limits how many skills you may eventually learn! Master weapon skills and six different types of magic, and use these skills to overcome challenges and defeat your enemies!

Balanced Player Vs. Player - Meridian 59 features a well balanced PvP system, with a player run justice system in place to guarantee people who take too many liberties with their ganking pay the price!

Dedicated Community - Many of the players and developers have been with the game since the beginning; they are invested in the game, and in providing a great experience for all. Come explore this fantasy land, and see why the game has lasted so long!