Metal Gear Online 3, also known simply as Metal Gear Online, is the multiplatform online multiplayer mode for the sci-fi shooter Metal Gear Solid V by Konami, which brings players back to the popular Metal Gear universe and storyline. Players in Metal Gear Online 3 can take part in online battles of up to 16 people on their PC, Playstation 4, or Xbox One, and up to 12 people on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Filled with the same fast paced action and high tech gadgets that have drawn players to the Metal Gear franchise for years, Metal Gear Online 3 offers all new gameplay modes, options, and even playstyles, with its introduction of a class system and a buddy feature!

Metal Gear Online 3 Key Features

Unique Buddy System - Form a two member killing team simply by saluting one another; people who have buddied up can spawn at each other's locations, coordinate fire, and more! In Metal Gear Online 3, two guns are better than one!

Three Distinct Classes - A new twist on shooting games, Metal Gear Online 3 provides players with one of three classes to choose from; the Scout, who excels at long range combat, the Enforcer who wears heavy armor and is geared up for close and mid-range combat, and the stealth suit wearing Infiltrator, who sneaks up on their enemies!

Cross-Platform - Play Metal Gear Online 3 with people from all over the world on your PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One! No matter which platform you choose, you get the complete game experience.