Metal Knight Zero is a online First Person Shooter which takes modern high-tech war as its theme during the period of 2010-2020. The story is based on that of Metal Knight, Object Software’s single player RTS game released in the late 1990s. At the time of the MKZ setting, large-scale combat robots had only just been invented. The relations between countries with strong military forces have grown increasingly complex, further deteriorating as new combat robots are introduced into service. Now, it's time to fight. From the sprawl of huge Asian cities to the hotspots in the Persian Gulf, you can experience fast paced, 21st century combat!

Metal Knight Zero Key Features

Beautiful, Realistic Graphics - The game supports high-level and low-level real-time shadow effects so that users can make a choice between quality and performance. With the help of the expandable texture system, our artists can edit the models easily.

Choose Your Role - Choose to play as the rifleman, the marksman, the medic, or the heavy trooper. Their existence enables collaboration and various tactics. A single character cannot do everything in the game. Players must use their features and collaborate with proper tactics.

Realistic Physics - Metal Knight Zero is filled with an insane amount of destructible objects e.g. a whole building can collapse. There are also cloth texture effects, interactive plants and Rag doll death effects. Players can also use the physics effects to hurt enemies, such as by dropping objects onto them from high places!

Occupy Territory - The story will happen in a virtual metropolis which is controlled by four forces. Players will fight for one of them to struggle for territory. The game will adopt the concept which exists in real city combats. The strongpoints are connected with roads. Every time a player captures a spot or even kills a single enemy it will influence the situation of the entire battlefield.

Combat Vehicles - Use a wide array of real life armored personal carriers, fighting vehicles, and aircraft. Proper fire support can make a tough mission much, much easier.

Loads Of Gear - Trick your character out with various weapon accessories such as lightened chambers, hand guards, grips, stocks, stacks, silencers, flashlights, optical sights, red dot sights, laser range finders, and much more!