Metal Reaper Online is a free to play, action-packed shooter MMORPG set in a not-so-distant future, and focusing on a hypothetical war between two new superpowers. In the year 2022, the countries of Earth have separated into 2 power blocs; the Asia Federation and the Atlantic Federation. Humanity made great strides, as these two super powers worked together to avert an immense natural disaster, and then began working on colonizing space. Even space, however, was not to be big enough for both of them. The Atlantic Federation launches a sudden nuclear strike on their rivals; this plunges the world into chaos, and threatens to throw civilization itself back to the Stone Age. Enter this chaotic and war torn world, and fight for your side!

Metal Reaper Online Key Features

Deep Storyline - Experience a world on the verge of collapse, and find a way to make your way in it. The quests tell the story as you complete them.

Four Characters - Choose one of four different characters, each with their own skills and playstyles.

Loads Of Weapons - Equip and use the most modern firearms from around the world. Pistols, rifles, and more are at your disposal.

Intuitive UI - Simple interface and controls makes Metal Reaper Online a game you focus on playing, not understanding.

Three-Quarter View - Non-targeted shooting action from an RPG like Third person view. Be quick on the trigger!

Loads To Do - Complete dungeons, run missions, and even survive endless waves of zombies. You'll never run out of things to do.