Metin2 is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG with an Eastern flair and dynamic battle system that allows you to attack multiple enemies simultaneously with a single attack. There are 4 traditional classes available in Metin2; the Warrior, Mage, Assassin and Sura (a Mage/Warrior Hybrid), alongside a variety of social elements such as Player-versus-Player combat, fishing, and marriage.

In ancient times, the world of Metin2 had one united continent. There was peace and happiness there, until the day a deadly disease began to infect the people. This was no ordinary disease; it transformed people into monsters. Hordes of people were slain by the beasts, and hordes more were infected with the disease. Ultimately the only intact nation remaining was Metin, which fragmented, breaking into 3 separate empires. These three empires now fight against the beasts and one another.

Metin2 Key Features

Four Classes - Choose from the Assassin, Sura, Warrior, and Mage classes, each of which has two of its own sub-specializations.

Polymorph System - Transform into a bear, wolf, or other creatures and gain special abilities.

Guild Features - Create a guild, participate in guild battles, and build your own Guild House.

Dynamic Battle System - Attack several monsters within your weapon's reach at once with Metin 2's combat system.

War of Nations -Become part of one of Metin 2's three kingdoms and fight for your nation against other players.