Metro Conflict is a free-to-play first-person shooter MMO set in the distant future, where players dive head first into a world drenched in warfare between two factions in the civil war torn United States. Gear yourself up with 8 playable classes, each equipped with unique skills and weapon sets, to showcase your abilities in a fast paced, high adrenaline battlefield!

As the United Security Service attempts to uphold peace amongst the masses, the People’s Liberation Front sees their acts as oppressive and aims to uproot the USS’s control. In order to gain the upper hand the USS has developed a military suit capable of augmenting the abilities of their top soldiers, but thanks to some leaked intel, the PLF have managed to attack a USS base and steal a prototype for themselves. With both sides on even footing, how will the conflict end?

Metro Conflict Key Features

Class System - Choose between various playable classes to best equip yourself out on the battlefield.

Skills - Each class is equipped with a unique skill. Manage it well as timing is everything in a fast paced environment.

PvP Modes - Showcase your abilities in high intensity game modes such as: Team Deathmatch, Demolition, & Cube Rush.

PvE Mode - Party up in a team of 4 to defend your base from waves of enemy attacks.

Assortment of Gears - With lots of guns, melee weapons, and grenades to choose from, it’s easy to personalize your killing style.

Regular Updates - The fun never ends with monthly updates, bringing new weapons, maps, events and more!