Midair is a fast paced science fiction shooter where you and your jetpack take to the sky and attempt to outwit and outfly your opponents. Use movement and physics to your advantage as you fight in intense 16 vs 16 matches. Using your jetpack and frictionless boots, launch high-speed airborne assaults, expertly dodge enemy fire, and soar from hilltop to hilltop. You've never seen a shooter like this before! In addition to high flying action, you can also build formidable defenses, customize your character, plan strategic attacks and counter-attacks, and much more. Strap on your jetpack, polish your frictionless boots, and power up your armor, and battle it out in Midair.

Midair Key Features

Fly Through The Sky - Outfly and outmaneuver your enemies by using your jetpack and other equipment. Launch surprise attacks from above, below, or any other angle, and win the day with wit and skill.

Manage Your Resources - Your jetpack, armor, and weapons all draw from the same pool of energy, so managing usage is critical. You can fly fast and far, but your weapons and armor may be depleted upon arrival!

Choose Your Role Anytime - Pick your armor based on how fast you need to go and how much damage you intend to take. With no preset roles or classes, you can tailor your character for your playstyle preferences or the task at hand.

Teamwork Matters - The intense 16 vs 16 matches require a lot of teamwork and strategy to win. Coordinate assaults to overwhelm enemy defenses, while defending your own flag from attacks.