Might & Magic Heroes Online (MMHO) is a free-to-play browser-based Strategy MMORPG by Bluebyte and Ubisoft in which you control powerful Heroes and their armies as they do battle throughout the fantasy world of Ashan. Experience the fascination of the award-winning Might & Magic Heroes Series in your browser for free with Might and Magic Heroes Online. Join a faction, choose your hero and select your favorite path; will you be an impenetrable tank or a powerful mage? Regardless what choices you make, it's a long way to go from brand new hero to facing the ultimate evil in the final battle. The unique mix of strategy and role-play will leave you utterly spellbound as you discover the beautifully detailed world of Ashan for yourself. With all of its amazing tales, arcane mysteries, unique creatures, and challenging quests, a vast, wide-open realm is waiting for you!

Might & Magic Heroes Online Key Features

Quests And Adventures - You will fight fantastic creatures, raise and upgrade your personal army, and command your own empire. A deep turn-based battle system, in which you can play alone or with a friend, enables you to explore, find ancient artifacts, and more! Every battle in the game can be fought cooperatively!

Impressive graphics - Might & Magic Heroes Online belongs to a new generation of browser games. With unprecedented graphic excellence, an extremely high level of detail and superbly sleek animations, Heroes Online provides a truly captivating gaming experience. What’s more is that there’s no downloads or installation required - you can play for free, directly in your browser!

Gripping battles - In Might & Magic Heroes Online, you lead your Hero and their units in absorbing campaigns throughout the magical world of Ashan. In order to vanquish your opponents, you will have to deploy troops, use spells and plan battles with tactical skill worthy of a hero. Invite your friends to fight alongside you and join forces in impressive co-op battles!