Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms is a browser-based, free-to-play MMORTS from Ubisoft based on the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise. Your goal is to win the war together with your alliance by gathering the tears of Asha and creating your dynasty of heroes throughout the season of the game. MMHK is set during the time of Chaos, just after the Dark Messiah cycle. Urgash has been freed from his prison and demons reign over Ashan. Players will have to form alliances to prevent the world from falling into chaos. Choose from one of five factions and participate in online battles while leveling their heroes, building structures, training troops, researching spells, and more.

Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms Key Features

Academy - Seekers of knowledge with human wizards and their spirit servants and animated constructs.

Haven - A holy empire with knights, monks, and Angelic troops

Necropolis - An offshoot of wizards that has become a powerful faction of necromancers

Inferno - Demons with the power and armies of Chaos.

Sylvan - Nature-based troops who act in harmony with the earth.