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Mighty Party Mighty Party Mighty Party Mighty Party Mighty Party Mighty Party Mighty Party

Mighty Party

Mighty Party is a free to play, fast-battle and tactical card online RPG, which successfully combines diverse features into a fun contest of heroes! With simple and addictive gameplay, Mighty Party will draw you in. You need one click to put the new fighter onto the battlefield, and battles only last for 3 minutes! A true test of tactical skill, you must exploit your opponent’s mistakes and weaknesses, while doing your best to prevent them exploiting yours. Many of the fighters can change the battlefield situation completely in mere moments, so be prepared for anything. Can you build a team of fighters, lead them with wisdom and skill, and climb your way through the ranks?

Mighty Party Key Features

Simple Yet Strategic – Innovative tile-based core-gameplay is simple to grasp, but provides many tactical and deep options.

Form Your Team – Infinite interesting squad combinations from dozens of very different heroes and Warlords with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Level Your Fighters – Enjoy rich gameplay with lots of ways to power-up your heroes.

Win The Day – Captivating PVP (ratings, tournaments, events, Survival, raids etc.) with great rewards! Climb through the ranks and win the biggest prizes.

Always Changing – Frequent updates (1-2 weeks) with new gameplay features, heroes and events! Mighty Party is never static, never boring.

Mighty Party

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Mighty Party Battle And Toads Pack Giveaway

Mighty Party Battle And Toads Pack Giveaway

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